1957 Opel Rekord Caravan, one out 9 known in the world?

Zu verkaufen mit Lieferung nach Hamburg/Venlo?


Our VW Camper by Campmobil


Gurras own club


Our other 1970 Crew Cab. Very original


!989 Tristar, very complete and tidy, slightly rusty.


I do regret this sale but TR takes good care. At the paint shop after 10 years but EVERYTHING has been apart.

I look forward to see it at Easter 2012.







Current cars


Tristar OBK 449 5 speed 112 hp, ex grocery shop, 1 owner. For sale in Holland



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This page is still under construction.

I will feature some of our own and a few friend´s cars that I find interesting or have been/am involved in.

I know most of the history of some of them.

The Opel is mine and one out of 100 that wasn´t VW but I wanted one since the mid sixties. Now that I have one I realise that a Syncro Double cab would be nicer.

Free delivery to Venlo/Holland.


1987 Camper, 5 speed 112 hp

Our holiday camper. 4 tours on the continent in 4 years. The longest to Bournemouth and Normandie.


VW Gurra is a local friend who currently has 11 legally driving splits recently displayed at Bug Run Classic, Tierp.

Famous everywhere in Sweden.

Featured cars in national magazines.

Has a huge collection of split parts, speciality steering wheels.

Might sell one to be able to by a split convertible.












Our other 1970 Double cab. Brought back in august  this year.

Very good and easy project. 3 small rust spots to be welded and some detailing before MOT.

3rd exchange engine from Volkswagen, even heater controls work.

I will have the Eberspächer fixed.


1 Grocery shop Owner - funny: 2nd grocery crew cab.















Our 1989 Tristar is one of the better and hasn´t let us down yet.

I will carry on a slow process of making it nicer while I drive it in the summer months. OBK 443 makes it a few weeks younger than the one above


The orange crew is Petra´s daughter´s favourite. A Britax sunroof makes it a good substitute for the 181 I had to sell to pay tax one year. Has new engine, gearbox, brakes and interior.

Still alot of work to do but - what the heck...


Ex Swedish railway




Thorsten Ringholt and Julian Hunt always wanted this Double cab after I took it to the UK one summer. It has the 3rd door on the wrong side and opening the wrong way-factory.

Thorsten was more persistent and won.

He tore it into pieces and has spent 10 years restoring it.

It will be probably be the nicest Crew cab around.


Ex ASEAVästerås



Here will probably Richard Kings ex 1954 Samba appear. I found it in Gothenburg some 20 years ago.

Wish I never had to sell but it also financed a tax debt.


Our 1953 Wolfsburg Westfalia is rarely used.



I will also feature some rare parts for the T3/T25, cars that have caught my interest lately due to the lack of nice T1 and T2. Why only have 1 nice T1 when you can have a barn full of T3s?

Some of them can be organised to bring ro meets on the continent or Britain but I can´t promise when a

friend passes by to pick them up for you. Some are already in England, Holland or Germany ready to be picked up or shipped.